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Shimelis Adugna

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Shimelis Adugna was born in October13,1935 at Jijiga town the then eastern  part  of Hararge  now Somalia zone from military family.He joined his primery school at hararge and then high school in General Wingate secondary school.After he completed his high school education, he joined the then University college of Addis Ababa for BA in Education.And then :

1959-1961     MA Social Service Administration, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Bombay India, & he was awarded the Best Student of the year

The following are the main tasks in his entire life,

1998- National Co-ordinator in Ethiopia for Jobs for Africa ILO/UNDP Programme on Employment Generation and Poverty Reduction. The function of the Co-ordinator includes managing the affairs of the Ethiopian National Network Advocacy Group consisting of Government, the private sector, community based organizations, research organizations. Workers and employers and non governmental organizations that is to generate investment led employment generation to benefit the target groups of the disadvantaged and marginalized such as women, youth, the disabled, retrenched workers, demobilized soldiers and the disadvantaged regions in Ethiopia 1994-1997: Senior Special Advisor to Country      Representative of

UNICEF Ethiopia.

The function of the advisor involved working on the promotion and implementation of the provisions of the Convention on the Rights of the Child with the Ethiopian Government both Federal and Regional, civil society religious organizations and NGOs, organizing and conducting sensitization workshops working closely with the Ministry of labour and Social Affairs and the Regional Bureaux of Labour ans Social Affairs and advising the UNICEF Representative on the Convention on the Rights of the Child and participated in the sensitization workshops on Woreda hjangrated basic services programme and any other relevant and appropriate issues he wished to consult.

1993: independent consultant for the UNDP case study of the 1974 famine in wollow and the response of the Government and the international Donor communities. Consultancy for ILO Geneva on the rehabilitation of the demobilized soldiers in Ethiopia and the government structure ministries through an inter-ministerial committee I chaire. Participated in the World Summit for hildren as Ethiopia’s representative on behalf on the Head of State.

 1974-1983: Commissioner, the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission.

 I established the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission starting it in two rooms and six staff members to a viable organization with an early warning system and a response capacity to mitigate emergencies. In the rehabilitation and development area rural roads, water and irrigation schemes, storage facilities schools and clinics war damaged industries were rebuilt and rehabilitated. By the time I left the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission, it has a radio communication even with the remotest parts of the country: an effective transport capacity with maintenance facilities, large storage facilities for strategic food security reserve; and trained and competent staff to deal with early warning, emergencies and to work on rehabilitation and development programmes that enable the affected people to be self-reliant.

1970-1974  vice-Minister, in charge of correctional institutions, Ministry of interior. The task involved the training of prisoners in carpentry, metal works, carpet making and vehicle maintenance of Vehicles. I introduced academic education, library facility and access to radio listening.

At the same time I was Lecturer at Haile Selassie University in Sociology and social research.

1967-1970:      Administrator, Road Transport Administration.

Road Transport Administration legislation was passed and I was appointed to be administrator. I established the Administration from scratch, recruiting staff and drawing up rules and regulations on the licensing of public and goods transport and their regular operations and the size ad weights regulation freight vehicles to protect the roads.

Continued to be Lecturer at Haile Selassie University in Sociology

 1965-1967: Assistant Minister, Ministry of Interiro, Department of Municipalities, in change of Social Welfare Services, cenmsus, Town Planning and Engineering works.

 The Department gave support servies in town planning, water and welfare services to all municipalities except Addis Ababa and Asmara. With the help of the departments discharged the duties of town planning, social welfare and urban census.

 Continued to be Lecturer at Haile Selassie I University in sociology and social research.

1963-1965:      Deputy Administrator General for Welfare and Medical Services,      Haile Selassie I Foundation.

 Worked on the improvement of the welfare and medical services of the Haile Selassie Foundation. During this period I helped build the blind school in Sebeta. Raised funds for the present St. Paul’s Hospital and got it built and was instrumental in the building of the Sebeta Blind School, Abreha Baheta blind school in Asmara, the old peoples home in Harar under the same name and St Mary’s Hospital in Axum. In the area of employment for the disabled the United Abilities Umbrella Factory was established and was running at profit.

 1961-1963: Chief, Urban Community Development, Ministry of Community  Development and Social Affairs.

Worked with communities in Addis Ababa and assisted to establish the first multipurpose community centres where youth women and communities participated in educational training in child care home economics and recreational activities. At these centres communities benefited from a clinic which immunized children and gave assistance for minor ailments. These centers were neighbourhood centres where the communities discussed and found solution to their community needs and problems. Started to Lecture at Haile Selassie University in Sociology.

 Participation in voluntary Work

  1. Secretary, of Social Service Society 1961-1963
  2. V. President of Service Society 1963-1966
  3. V. President of Ethiopian Councile of Social Welfare 1965-1968.
  4. Founding President of the Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia. President for
  5. Eighteen years, 1965 to 1983. Currently President Emeritus of the Family
  6. Guidance Association of Ethiopia.
  7. Member of the international Advistory Board of SOS Kinderdorf
  8. Chairman of the Board of Feed the Children Ethiopia 1987-1998
  9. Chairman Advisory Board of Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief Ethiopia.
  10. Member of the International Advistory Board of SOS Kinderdorf International 1980-1998.
  11. Founding member of the African Regional Council and Executive Committee of IPPF.
  12. Member of the World IPPF Members Assembly & Program Committee.
  13. Member of the Board of Directors of Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief Based in Toronto.
  14. President the Ethiopian Heritage Trust since 1993.
  15. Chair Person of the Board for Organisation for Social Service for Aids
  16. President of Ethiopian Red Cross since 2000.
  17. Vice President of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

 Awards for Humanitiarian Services

  1. The Golden Badge of Honour, of SOS Kinderdorf, Austria.
  2. International Gold Mercury Award, Ad Persona.
  3. Certificate of Merit from the International Planned Parenthood Federation (One of thirty-six world-wide,) for serices rendered to promote and strengthen family planning)
  4. Gold Medal from the Spanish Reed Cross for promoting and serving the Red Cross Humanitarian cause to help the most vulnerable.
  5. 2004 Gold Medal from the Harare Region for service in the fight  against HIV /AIDS
  6. August 2005 Gold Medal from the International Planned Parenthood Federation for service in family planning access and advocacy in Ethiopia and Africa.
  7. The Society of Social Workers, Sociologists. Psychologists and Social Anthropologists 2006 Award for outstanding service in the humanitarian field.









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