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A Public lecture on Mathematics has been delivered

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The main objective of the public lecture (workshop) was experience sharing on the current development of mathematics in Africa by Africans. The Cameroonian citizen, Prof. Abdon has presented the mathematical lecture for three consecutive days at CSSH hall. Prof. Abdon Atangana, in his presentation, has focused on the issues like Fractional derivatives and Integrals, Piecewise differentiation and Integral calculus, Advanced Analysis in epidemiological modeling, Africa’s contribution to nonconventional to non-conventional differential and integral calculus.

The public lecture was officially opened by Dr. Tadesse Habatamu the Vice President for academic affairs. He praised the department and the college for facilitating such a public lecture by inviting the well-known scientist, Prof Abdon Atangana from South Africa. He applauded the professor for coming all the way from South Africa by covering all his travel and accommodation expenses. He also commented that initiating and inviting scientists from all over the world need to be our culture as it highly helps for professional development of our staff members in many aspects including establishing research collaboration and student exchanges.

He has published at least six books in Springer, Elsevier, and CRC Press and published more than 400 articles in internationally recognized journals, a professor at the Institute of Groundwater Studies, University of Free State, Bloemfontein with ample experience. The public lecture (workshop) was facilitated by the Department of Mathematics, College of Natural Sciences, Jimma University.