Core Services

Core Services

The Vector Biology and Control Unit in TIDRC will provide a range of professional and technical/commercial services (according to standard operating procedures and good laboratory practices), such as testing and evaluating novel vector control and supporting tools,  which include but not limited to:

  •     Testing public health pesticide products (novel formulations and active ingredients) in collaboration with the industry and research institutes
  •     Evaluating mosquito repellents
  •     Evaluating safety and efficacy of insecticide products for R &D and registration purpose
  •     Evaluating safety, quality and efficacy of long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs)
  •     Determine level of active ingredients in insecticide treated surfaces and treated products such as LLINs
  •     Undertake bioassays according to WHOPES guidelines and US EPA product performance test guidelines
  •     Evaluating new diagnostic tools for malaria and insect vectors
  •     Provide molecular characterization of vectors and infectious agents
  •     Consultancy and Advisory

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