The Program Director

Welcome to the Masters of Healthcare and Hospital administration (MHA) program web site. The MHA program is a unique educational program that is created based on the current and urgent need to improve the healthcare system of Ethiopia by Ethiopians.

This educational program in Ethiopia is one of the many aspects of the overall healthcare reform process endeavor that is underway in the country. It is undertaken by a collaborative effort of Jimma University and Yale University School of Public Health.

The program recruits eligible candidates from several regions of Ethiopia in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Health and respective Regional Health Bureaus. We have just finished a challenging yet successful first year of the program and the lessons we all have learned far exceed that which has been delivered in formal class sessions.

We are excited to be part of such a fundamental and rewarding experience in the history of healthcare reform in Ethiopia and hope that you will continue to visit this web site periodically to keep up to date with what is going on in our program.

We look forward to the delivery of equitable, efficient and high quality healthcare service to the people of Ethiopia everywhere.

Thank you,
Sosena Kebede, MD, MPH
Program Director



Sosena Kebede MD, MPH
Program Director
Yale-Clinton Foundation
Jimma-Yale MHA Program
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