Frequently Asked Questions


Must I already have a Masters or other graduate-level degree to apply?

No, a Masters or other graduate-level degree is not required to apply. Applicants must hold a degree from a recognized university in public health, medicine, other health science disciplines, social sciences, or other related fields. Preference will be given to applicants with relevant management experience in health care.


What is Executive Practice ?

Executive Practice is the on-the-job hospital training required of MHA students when they are not attending class at Jimma University. Executive Practice enables students to implement the Blueprint for Hospital Management in Ethiopia and develop action plans to address hospital challenges.


How often do students attend training at Jimma University?

15% of the MHA program is spent in a classroom setting at Jimma University and the remaining 85% is spent in CEOs' respective hospitals.


Are all students required to write a thesis?

Yes, all students are required to write a thesis due in the final month of the program. An oral presentation to the thesis committee is also required.