BSc Programme in Animal Health

Admission Requirements

This curriculum is designed to upgrade diploma holders in animal health and animal production. Therefore, diploma graduates of animal health and diploma graduates in various fields of animal sciences are eligible to enroll in the program. To be considered for admission in the Bachelor of Science in animal health program a student must present:

  1. Diploma in animal health
  2. Diploma in animal science

Duration of the Program and Credit Hour Load
The Summer-in-service training program is a five years program and each summer training lasts for at least two months. But the duration for summer II and III will be 15 days more since there are CBTP courses in these summers. The total credit hours load of the program is 80 and the credit hours allotted to summer I, II and III excluding the home take courses and CBTP is 12, whereas the credit hours load for summer IV and summer V is 13 and 14 respectively.

Graduation Requirement
Students can be eligible for graduation only when they successfully complete all required courses and accumulate an average grade point of 2.00 with no ‘F’ grade in their transcript.

Degree Nomenclature
The name of the degree that is going to be obtained is called Bachelor of Science in Animal Health (BScAH).

Graduate Profile
In addition to the previously obtained animal health education and skills, the graduates complete specific courses to prepare for bachelor level animal Health personnel. They are well prepared to assume managerial and supervisory roles in industry, academic, and clinical practice. A student who has successfully completed the Bachelor Science in Animal Health program would be able to:

  • Carry out routine works and competent enough in the principles and practice of animal health care, veterinary public health and animal production.
  • Understand and apply the knowledge and skills in the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and control of animal diseases, and in research and extension.
  • Performing various medical tests along with treating and diagnosing medical conditions and diseases in animals.
  • Use high creativity, social consciousness, and professional ethics with a sense of responsibility to work towards national goals and development.
  • Identify shortcomings of animal health and recommend or take appropriate measures
  • Design and participate in teamwork, laboratory and fieldwork.
  • Demonstrate leadership and management ability in his/her field of study.

Tuition Fee and Terms of Payment
The tuition fee per credit hour is birr 80 for summer-in-service programs. In case of institution sponsored students a memorandum of understanding shall be signed between the JUAVM and the respective sponsors whereas self sponsored students are expected to pay the same amount in advance. The payments for summer II and III may differ since the normal semester is extended by 15 days due to the courses CBTP I and. CBTP II. The payment rates indicated above are subjected to revision as necessitates.

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