MSc in Post Harvest Management

Entry Requirement
MSc in Post Harvest Management
Applicants should possess an appropriate bachelor degree. Applicant should posses B.Sc. degree in fields such as Plant Sciences, Crop Sciences, Horticulture, Forestry, Biology, Natural Resources Management, and other related fields with CGPA of 2.00 and above are encouraged to apply. Applicants must pass written entrance examination and must meet other admission requirements of School of Graduate Studies (SGS). Female applicants are encouraged.

Graduate profile
The M.Sc. graduates in PHM will be equipped with the knowledge, skill and attitude needed in PHM of agricultural products. Thus the graduates will be capable of working in different public and private institutions and organizations as:

  1. Lecturers in universities and colleges;
  2. Researchers in post-harvest management of agricultural products and related areas
  3. Extension experts on post-harvest management and related disciplines;
  4. Professional trainers in post-harvest management and related fields;
  5. Service providers and product developers of agricultural and value added products;
  6. Quality controllers and safety inspectors throughout the whole value chain of agricultural products;
  7. Policy advisors in various institutions working in post-harvest management of agricultural products
  8. Entrepreneurs in post-harvest management of small and medium enterprises;
  9. Supervisors and managers in different organizations working in the areas of post-harvest management;
  10. Consultants in areas of post-harvest management; and
  11. Others.

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