PhD program in Horticulture

Objective of the Program
The major objectives of opening PhD level training in horticulture are to:

  • Produce highly qualified graduates with the knowledge, attitude and skills necessary for promoting horticultural crops production, processing and marketing.
  • Generate and/or adopt appropriate technologies through client oriented, demand driven and problem solving research activities in the areas of horticultural crops, production and processing.

Actively involve in the dissemination of appropriate technologies to ultimate users through the college’s well cherished community outreach programs, workshops, net working and consultancy/advisory services.
Entry Requirement
Students seeking admission into PhD in Horticulture program must have M.Sc degree in Horticulture, Plant Science, Biology, or related agricultural sciences supported with a research thesis. All graduate students must have adequate background in horticulture, plant physiology, agricultural statistics , plant protection, genetics and plant breeding. Applicants must pass the written and oral entrance exams and fully satisfy the academic rules and regulation of the University.
Graduate Profile
Students who complete their PhD study in the field of horticulture will be equipped with the knowledge and practical skills that will enable them to work competently within three broad job sectors:

  • As researchers, they can engage in research institutes, universities, and other higher education institutes to actively involve in research activities in horticulture and related fields;
  • As teachers or trainers, they will have a broad range of opportunities, varying from teaching in universities, development worker for an NGO or a governmental body, as a consultant for private enterprises/ companies, as an extension worker for farmers and regional communities and so forth. 
  • As policy makers, involve in policy formulation and implementation in the field of horticulture and related disciplines

PhD graduates might also opt to take up their own business as private investors or entrepreneurs or mangers within a commercial farm or business

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