Abebaw Gashaw Kebede

Name: Abebaw  Gashaw  Kebede
Academic rank  :  
Field of specialization  :   Tropical animal health
Research interest  :


  • Vector and vector born disease
  • Reproductive biotechnology 
  • Reproductive problems of cattle

List of publications  : 

  1. Demelash D. Abebaw . G;   Alehegn W.  2009: Prevalence of Bovine tuberculosis and its Zoonotic implication in and around Holeta, West Shoa, Ethiopia  Ethiopian Journal of Health sciences  Vol. 19  No.  3  
  2. Aynalem H. Abebaw G.; Taye T.; Markos T. 2010 Epidemiology of nematode parasites of sheep around Jimma, South Western Ethiopia. Tropical Animal Health and Production vol. 42-825-831 
  3. Abebaw G. 2010: A reference book: On Dynamics of Ticks and its control on Cattle southwestern Ethiopia. VDM publisher, Germany  p 141
  4. Seid A.; Abebaw G. 2010: Production system dynamism and parasite interaction of swine in and around Holetta Ethiopia. Ethiopian Veterinary Journal Vol. 14 No.1  71-82  
  5. Tamiru B. Abebaw G.; 2010: Prevalence of ticks on local and crossbred cattle in and around Assella town, southeast Ethiopia. Ethiopian Veterinary Journal Vol. 14 No.2  79-89  
  6. Frew W. Abebaw, G. Shiferaw, M; 2011 Assessment of small Holder Dairy production system and their reproductive health problems in Jimma town, Southwestern Ethiopia. The Journal of Applied Reaserch in Veterinary Medicine Vol. 9. No. 1 83-89Sally Cutler, Alemseged Abdissa, Haileeysus Adamu, Tadele Tolosa, Abebaw Gashaw 2011 Bartonella quintana in Ethiopian lice. Comparative Immunology, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Vol 811

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