Department Facilities

At the present time there are five well equipped veterinary laboratories used for demonstration of practical sessions and conducting quality researches by staff, postgraduate and undergraduate students. Namely:

  • Anatomy, Embryology and Physiology Laboratory
  • Microbiology and Veterinary Public Health Laboratory
  • Parasitology, Pathology and Histology Laboratory
  • Surgery and Gynecology Laboratory
  • Research Laboratory for PhD and MSc Students

Veterinary Teaching Hospital and Open air Veterinary Clinic
Currently, the School is giving veterinary health services using the Veterinary Clinic which is located in the College campus.
The School will soon have Veterinary Teaching Hospital. The design has already been completed and it is under construction.
  I. The internal design of the hospital will include the following basic components: 

  1. A drainage/sewage system with septic tank
  2. Source of pressurized water (for cleaning)
  3. Source of electric power
  4. Animal restraining crushes, and examination tables
  5.  Wards; cages and recovery rooms 
  6. Externally built larriage or animal holding facilities

 II. The hospital will be administratively structured in to the following departments and units

  1. Reception/Waiting room and archive
  2. Pharmacy 
  3. Surgical Department (Operating Room/OR/)
  4. Obstetrics and Gynecology Department
  5. Outpatient Department (OPD)
  6.  Inpatient Department (IPD)
  7. Radiology and Special Procedures Unit
  8. General Purpose Laboratories
  9. Teaching Rooms
  10. Research Laboratories
  11. Laundry  
  12. Feed store
  13. Others

Animal Farms
There are different animal farms in the campus and outside that will play vital role for the teaching and learning processes of the School.

  • Dairy Farm
  • Poultry Farm
  • Swine Farm
  • Apiculture Farm

Other Facilities in JUCAVM

  • Smart Class rooms equipped with LCD and white board
  • PC rooms, computers with internet connection
  • Two Libraries   
  • Staff offices with internet connections