About the Department

Organization of the School

The School realizes its mission under the overall guidance and leadership of the Academic Council of the School. The Council has the following members: The Head of the School, the Chairperson of the Academic Council, all academic staff members and two student representatives. The Academic Council of the School meets on the first Thursday of every month to discuss on problems and seek possible solutions.

The School Academic Council is accountable to the head of the School and has the following powers and duties:

  • Propose to the Academic Commission Programs of studies which are necessary for obtaining certificates, diplomas, and degrees offered by the School;
  • Make suggestions in relation to changes in teaching and assessment methods and submit the same to the Academic Commission;
  • Make suggestion to the college Academic Commission on the students to be admitted to the School;
  • Initiate promotions of members of the School;
  • Settle or propose to the Academic Commission ways and means of solving any academic and research problems which concern the School;
  • Work out course offerings and distribute among the staff (as course team whenever necessary) based on their professional background;
  • Give opinions on any matter that the Academic Commission or the Dean of the college or the Head of the School shall submit for its consideration.

Beginning from July 2009, the School has organized all the courses into 8 different course teams for effective delivery and management of courses (Table 1). Staff members of the School have been assigned in the course teams based on their field of specialization and experience. The course team members together had developed team charter as a working document.

Table 1: List of Course Teams and Team Leaders 2002 E C

S. No


Name of Course Team

Number of Courses


Name of Team Leader




Dr Belay Abebe




Dr Esayas Tesema


Large Animal and Small Animal Medicine


Dr Yeshitila Amede


Microbiology and Veterinary Public Health


Dr Tadele Tolosa


Parasitology and Pathology


Dr Mihreteab Bekele


Physiology and Pharmacology


Dr Nuraddis Ibrahim


Poultry, Camel and Fish Medicine


Dr Fanos Tadesse


Surgery and Gynecology


Dr Abebe Fromsa

**These course teams deliver about 78 courses for both veterinary and animal science students