Taye Tolemariam Ejeta

Name: Taye Tolemariam Ejeta (PhD)
Academic Rank: 
Associate professor 
Filed of specialization: Animal production/nutrition
Research interest: Animal nutrition/dairy



List of Publications :

  1. Taye Tolemariam, Aynalem Haile and A.O. Steif, 1997. Preliminary survey report on livestock production, milk processing, and hides and skins utilization around Jimma. Jimma College of Agriculture, Ethiopia.
  2. Taye Toelmariam, R.M.T., Bars, and Fekadu Beyene, 1999. The potential of lactoperoxidase system in preserving cow milk in Arsi region, Ethiopia. Proceedings of the Ethiopian society of animal production, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
  3. Taye Tolemariam, R.M.T. Baars, and Fekadu Beyene, 1999. Evaluation of the initiation of Lactoperoxidase system for preservation of milk in Arsi highlands. J. Agri. and Envir. for Int. Development. 93: 1-2.
  4. Taye Tolemariam, 2000. Review of traditional cheese making process in Ethiopia. A workshop on "Euro-Mediterranean Cheese Art 2000" held from May 13-18, 2000, Ragusa, Italy.
  5. Taye Tolemariam, 1995. A teaching Handout on Principles of Animal Nutrition. Jimma College of Agriculture.
  6. Taye Tolemariam, 1999. A teaching Handout on Rangeland Management: principles and practices. Jimma University, College of Agriculture.
  7. Taye Tolemariam, 2006. Effect of energy and bypass protein supplementation on production, reproductive performances and body composition of crossbred goats. PhD Thesis. National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI), India       
  8. Aynalem Haile and Taye Tolemariam, 2008. The feed values of indigenous multipurpose trees for sheep: the case of Vrnonia amygdalina (Girawa), Buddelija polystachya (Anfare) and Maesa lanceolata (Kelewa). Livestock Research for RuralDevelopment 20(3).
  9. Taye Tolemariam, Shiv Prasad and Walli, T.K. 2009. Effects of Energy and Bypass Protein Supplementation on Feed intake, milk yield  and composition of Crossbred Lactating Goats.Eth. J.Anim. prod. 9(1): 145-157.
  10. Aynalem Haile, Abebaw Gashaw, Taye Tolemariam, and Markos Tibo, 2010.  Epidemology of nematode parasite of sheep around Jimma, south western Ethiopia. Tropical animal health and production. 42(5): 825-831. 
  11. Yisehak K., Belay D., Ayalew T., Taye T. and Janssens G.P.J., 2010. Botanical diversity of potential forage plants in range and farming systems of Gilgel Ghibe catchment, Jimma zone. Proceeding of Ethiopian Society of Animal Production, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
  12. Yonatan Kassu,  Solomon Demeke  and Taye Tolemariam, 2011. Chemical composition and in-vitro digestibility of coffee pulp ensiled with effective microorganism in Ethiopia. Livestock Research for Rural Development. Volume 23 (7).
  13. Chala Kinati, Taye Tolemariam and Kebede Debele, 2011. Quality evaluation of honey produced in Gomma Woreda of South Western Ethiopia. Livestock Research for Rural Development. 23 (09). 

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