Zerihun Kebebew

Name:Zerihun Kebebew
Academic rank  : 
Assistant Professor
Field of Specialization  :  BSC in forestry, MSC in Farm Forestry
Research Interest  :  Natural Resource management, climate change, society and environment,landuse
List of Publications  : 

  1. Sirawdink Fikreyesus, Zerihun Kebebew, Amsalu Nebiyu, Nardos  Zeleke and Seife Bogale, 2011.  Allelopathic Effects of Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehnh.on Germination and Growth of Tomato. American-Eurasian Journal of Agricultural & Environmental Sci. 11:600-608.
  2. Zerihun Kebebew and Kaba Urgessa, 2011. Agroforestry Perspective in Land use Pattern and Farmers Coping Strategy: Experience from Southwestern Ethiopia. World Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 7:73-77
  3. Zerihun Kebebew, Wayessa Garedew and Adugna Debela, 2011. Understanding Homegarden Food Security Strategy: Case Study around jimma, Southwestern Ethiopia. Research. Journal of Applied Sciences, 6:38-43.
  4. Zerihun Kebebew, 2010. Eucalyptus in Rural Livelihoods Safety           Net Strategy in Coffee Growing Area. Case study around Jimma,    Southwestern Ethiopia. Research Journal of Forestry, 4:2020-207.
  5. Zerihun Kebebew, 2010. Profitability and Household Income Contribution of Growing Eucalyptus globules (Labill.) to  Smallholder Farmers: The case of central Highland of Oromia, Ethiopia, European Journal of Applied Sciences, 2:25-29.

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