About the Department

General Information

The Department of Natural Resources Management was established in 2004.  The programme objectives are:

  • To produce qualified professionals in the area of Natural Resources Management
  • Conducting a research to identify problems and looking for a solution for Natural Resources Management problems  
  • To Provide technical advices, consultancy services and tailored short term training to development agents and other stakeholders working in natural resources  and environmental areas
  • Establish partnership with related development partners to promote sustainable natural resources management to contribute towards improved livelihoods,
  • Advice and/or involve in national/regional/international natural resource development and management policies.

So far, the department has graduated:

  • Five batches in BSC degree in regular programme
  • Two batches in In-service programme
  • One batch in summer programme

Currently, the Department offer training in:

  • BSc in regular and summer programme in Natural Resources Management
  • MSc in regular programme in Natural Resources Management with either watershed management or forest and nature conservation streams

The department is working to take location advantages and excel centre of excellence in Natural Resources Management in the country.