Yeshitila Amede Yemer

Name:Yeshitila Amede Yemer
Academic rank   : 
Assistant Professor.
Field of specialization  :   Tropical Veterinary Medicine.
Research interest   : Veterinary Parasitology


List of publications   :

  1.   Prevalence of Bovine Trypanosomosis in Sokoru district, Oromia region, South Western part of Ethiopia.  Bulletin of Animal health and Production In Africa Volume 54, No 4 (2006)>yeshitila, ISSN 03789721.
  2.  Abomasal and  small intestinal Nematodes of small ruminants slaughtered in different restaurants in Hawassa. Veterinary research journal 4 (2) 30-44, 2011
  3. Prevalence of Bovine Trypanosomosis in selected areas    of Tehenan district ,West Gojam of Amhara Reginal state,   Northen Ethiopia. Global Veterinaria 5 ( 5):243-247 , 2010 .IDOSI publication 2010.
  4. Trypanosomosis infection rate in Glossina Pallidepes and Glossina Fuscipes in Gojeb Valley South West of Ehiopia. GlobalVeterinaria 6 (2):131-135, IDOSI publication 2011.
  5. Prevalence of Ecto parasites in Haromaya University    in intensive poultry farm.   Global Veterinaria 7(30: 264-269, 2011,  IDOSI Publication, 2011.

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