Mihreteab Bekele

Name:Mihreteab Bekele
Academic rank  :  
Associate Professor
Field of specialization   :  DVM, MSc in Tropical Veterinary Epidemiology
Research interest   : Epidemiology, Veterinary Medicine
List of publications  : 


  1. Mihreteab Bekele and Indris Belay (2011): Evaluation of Routine Meat Inspection Procedure to Detect Bovine Tuberculosis Suggestive Lesions in Jimma Municipal Abattoir, South West Ethiopia. Global Veterinaria 6 (2): 172-179
  2. Mihreteab Bekele, Hassen Mohammed, Mulugeta Tefera & Tadele Tolosa (2011): Small ruminant brucellosis and community perception in Jijiga District, Somali Regional State, Eastern Ethiopia. Tropical Animal Health and Production, 43:893–898
  3. Mihreteab Bekele, Tilahun Gessese, Yisehac Kechero and Mesele Abera (2011): In-vitro Anthelmintic Activity of Condensed Tannins from Rhus glutinosa, Syzigium guineensa and Albizia gummifera Against Sheep Haemonchus contortus. Global Veterinaria 6 (5): 476-484.
  4. Molalegne Bitew, Ashenafi Andargie, Mihreteab Bekele, Shiferaw Jenberie, Gelagay Ayelet & Esayas Gelaye (2011): Serological survey of African horse sickness in selected districts of Jimma zone, Southwestern Ethiopia. Tropical Animal Health and Production, 43:1543–1547.
  5.  Mihreteab Bekele, Haftom Tesfay and Yehenew Getachew (2010): Bovine Fasciolosis: Prevalence and its economic loss due to liver condemnation at Adwa Municipal Abattoir, North, Ethiopia. Ethiopian Journal of Applied Science and Technology (EJAST) 1(1): 39-47.
  6. Mihreteab Bekele and Aman Abu (2011): Ovine Lungworms in Tiyo District, South-East Ethiopia: Prevalence, Effect of Altitude and Major Host Related Risk Factors. Global Veterinaria, 7 (3): 219-225.
  7. Mihreteab Bekele and Mubarek Nasir (2011): Prevalence and host related risk factors of bovine trypanosomosis in Hawagelan district, West Wellega zone, Western Ethiopia. African Journal of Agricultural Research, 6(22):  5055-5060.
  8. Yeshitila Amede, Kefelegne and Mihreteab Bekele (2011): Prevalence of Ectoparasites in Haramaya University Intensive Poultry Farm. Global Veterinaria, 7 (3): 264-269.
  9. Feyissa Begna, Samson Abebe and Mihreteab Bekele (2011): Bovine Trypanosomosis in Selected Villages of Humbo District, Southern Ethiopia. Global Veterinaria, 7 (2): 192-198.

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