Hailu Degefu Awash

Name: Hailu Degefu Awash
Academic rank :
   Associate professor
Field of specialization  :   Veterinary epidemiology
Research interest   : Bioinformatics, epidemiology, zoonotic parasitic diseases
List of publications  :


  1. Small Ruminants Trypanosomosis in Western Gojam zone of Amhara Regional state, Northwestern Ethiopia
    1.1 Authors: Kebede G, Degefu H, Yohannes M and Tolosa T
    1.2 Bulletin of Animal Health and production (2011), 59, 123-128
  2. Seroprevalence of bovine foot and mouth disease (FMD) in Awbere and Babille districts of Jijiga zone, Somalia Reginal State, Eastern Ethiopia
    Authors: Abdulaji Mohamoud, Esayas Tessema and Hailu Degefu African Journal of Microbiology Research. 2011; 5(21):3559-3563. (published)
  3. Taenia saginata/ cysticercosis Prevalence, risk factors and cyst viability study in East Shoa, Ethiopia
    Authors: Hailu Awash and Getachew Tilahun 2011; LAP Lambert Academic Publishing. ISBN: ISBN 978-3-8443-8752-0
  4. Seroprevalence of Bovine brucellosis in agropastoral areas of Jijiga zone of Somali National regional state, Eastern Ethiopia
    Authors: Hailu Degefu, Mohamed Mohamud, Mussie Hailemelekot and Moti Yohannes Ethiopian Veterinary Journal. 2011; Vol.15 (published)
  5. Gastrointestinal Helminth Infections in Small-scale Dairy Cattle Farms of Jimma Town, Ethiopia
    Authors: Hailu Degef, Cherenet Aber, Moti Yohanne and Tadele Tolos Ethiopian Journal of Applie Science and Technology . 2011; vol. 2 (published)
  6. Trypanosome Infection Rate in Glossina pallidipes and Glossina fuscipes fuscipes in Gojeb Valley, Southwest Ethiopia
    Authors: Molalegne Bitew,Yeshitla Amide,Tilahun Zenebe and Hailu Degefu Global Veterinaria 6 (2): 131-135, 2011. 2011; (published)
  7. Zoonotic helminth parasites in faecal samples of household dogs in Jimma Town, Ethiopia
    Authors: Hailu Degefu*, Abyot Tefera and Moti Yohannes Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology. 2011; 3(4):138-143. (published)
  8. Epidemiological study of small ruminant mange mites in three agro-ecological zones of Wolaita, Southern Ethiopia
    Authors: Desie Shefer, Hailu Degef and Dereje Banteyirg Ethiopian Veterinary Journal. 2010;   Vol. 14(published)
  9. Seroprevalence of Infectious Bursal Disease in Back yard Chickens of Oromia regional State, Ethiopia
    Authors: Hailu Degefu, Melese Balcha, Moti Yohannes and Mekedes Getachew Veterinary Research (2010); Vol. 3 (4) (published)
  10. Oestrus ovis larval myiasis among sheep and goats in Central Oromia, Ethiopia
    Authors: Fana Alem, Bersissa Kumsa, Hailu Degefu Tropical animal health and production (2010). Vol 42, Nu.4 (published)

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