About The College

JUCAVM, co-founder of the Jimma University, is dedicated to advancing agricultural development through training, knowledge generation and service delivery in the country. The college trains high caliber professionals in broad areas of agriculture and veterinary medicine, both at graduate and undergraduate levels.

The college upholds the values of educational relevance, transparency, social accountability, gender sensitivity, equity, community participation and empowerment. In line with this, the college works in partnership with training, research, industry and extension/service institutions locally,nationally and  internationally.

JUCAVM comprises of five departments in the fields of agriculture namely, Horticulture & Plant Sciences, Animal Sciences, Natural Resource Management, Agricultural Economics & Extension and Post-harvest Management and, School of Veterinary Medicine.
The different departments and the school under the college offer wide variety of training programs both at undergraduate and graduate levels. These include:

Horticulture and Plant Sciences

  • BSc in Horticulture
  • BSc in Plant Sciences
  • MSc in Horticulture
  • MSc in Agronomy
  • MSc in Weed Science
  • PhD in Horticulture
  • PhD in Plant Breeding
  • PhD in Plant Pathology

Animal Sciences

  • BSc in Animal Science
  • MSc in Animal Production

Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness and Rural Development

  • BSc in Agricultural Economics
  • BSc in Agribusiness and Value chain Management
  • BSc in Rural Development

Natural Resources Management

  • BSc in Natural Resources Management
  • MSc in Natural Resources Management (Watershed Management)
  • MSc in  Natural Resources Management (Forest and Nature Conservation)

Postharvest Management

  • BSc in Postharvest Management
  • MSc in Postharvest Management

Veterinary Medicine

  • DVM
  • MSc in Veterinary Epidemiology 
  • MSc in Veterinary Public Health