Program Name;- BSc in Agricultural Economics & Extension
Objective of the program;- Generally, the goal of the training is to produce professionally competent, highly skillful and committed personnel at BSc. Degree level in Agricultural Economics, who will be able to bring a difference in the socio-economic development of the country.
The specific objectives:

  • To produce competent professionals in Agricultural economics to enhance rural and agricultural development,
  • To produce socially accountable personnel who would give alternative solutions to socio-economic problems,
  • To enhance researches in socio-economic areas,
  • To promote the concept of comprehensive and multi-disciplinary approach in tackling agricultural and rural problems,
  • To give consultancy and advisory service, trainings and community development services.


  • Students admitted directly from secondary school are required to meet the national higher education enrollment criteria of that year
  • Others like re-admission advance standing and the like shall be treated according to the academic rules and regulations of Jimma University.

Graduate Profile;- The intended graduate is, in general, expected to develop economic information on farm production methods and technologies; structure and efficiency of the agriculture-food-fiber system; linkages of production with processing, distribution and final consumer demand; linkages between agriculture and the environment; and agricultural trade and policy to help farmers, agribusiness and consumers, decision-making; and prepare dynamic careers in business, natural resources, and the environment and economics interaction.
Specifically, the graduate can:

  • Serve as planner in agriculture and rural development,
  • Manager and organizer in agricultural enterprises,
  • Economic analyst,
  • Economic advisor or consultant,
  • Socio-economic researcher,
  •  Extension team member/leader,
  • Teacher,
  •  Market expert,
  • Credit expert, and 
  • Policy idea generator