Shiferaw Mulugeta Bekele

Name: Shiferaw Mulugeta Bekele
Academic Rank  :
  Assistant Professor (M.Sc)
Filed of specialization  :   Animal Production
Research interest   :  Poultry Production and Apiculture
List of Publications   :

  1. Abebaw Gashaw, Frew Worku, Shiferaw Mulugeta
  2. “Assessment of smallholder dairy production systems and their reproductive health problems in Jimma town, south-western Ethiopia” Intern J Appl Ret Vet Med  (2011).
  3. Nuraddis Ibrahim, Ashebir Abreha, Shiferaw Mulugeta.
    “Assessment of Reproductive Performances of Crossbred Dairy Cattle (Holstein Friesian X Zebu) in Gondar Town” Global Veterinarian 6 (6): 561 – 566, 2011.
  4. Shiferaw Mulugeta, Tadelle Dessie  and Alemu Yami “Theeffect of spraying vegetable oil and elevating relative humidity during incubation on the hatchability of Rhode Island Red (RIR) eggs” Global Veterinarian 11 (4), 2011. (accepted).
  5. Ephrem Tsegaye, Feyissa Begna, Shiferaw Mulugeta 
    “Prevalence of Bovine Fasciolosis and its Economic Significance in and Around Assela” Global Veterinarian 11 (1), 2011.(accepted)
  6. Zekarias Shumeta and Shiferaw Mulugeta
    “Milk Supply shortfall in Jima town;-An option for investment” World Applied Science 15(14), 2011(accepted)

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Jimma, Ethiopia
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