Tariku Mekonne Gutema

Name: Tariku Mekonne Gutema
Academic rank  : 
Assistant Professor
Field of Specialization  : Ecological and systematic zoology
Research Interest   :Primate ecology, ecotourism, bird ecology
List of Publications  :


  1. Tariku, M. and Abebayehu, A. 2011.The driving forces of Boye wetland degradation and its bird species composition, Jimma, Southwestern Ethiopia. Journal of Ecology and the Natural Environment Vol. 3(8), ISSN 2006 – 984.
  2. Tariku, M., Mohammed Y. Afework, B. and James, M.. 2011. Food selection and habitat association of Starck’s hare (Lepaus starcki) in the Bale Mountains National Park, Ethiopia. Asian Journal of Applied Sciences, ISSN 1996-3343/DOI:10.3923.
  3. Mohammed, Y., Tariku, M., Afework, B. and James, M. 2011. Food Selection and Feeding Behaviorof Giant Mole Rat (Tachyocytes macrocephalus, Ruppell, 1842) from Sanetti Plateau of Bale Mountains National Park, Ethiopia.

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