Dereje Bekele Jiru

Name: Dereje Bekele Jiru 
Academic rank :  
Field of Specialization  :  Forestry/Production Forestry
Research Interest  :  Participatory Natural Resource Management, Social forestry/Agroforestry, Ecotourism, Links between Rural Livelihood and Forest Resources
List of Publications : 

  1. Dereje Bekele Jiru, John F. Kessy and Abdu Abdulkadir,2011. Collaborative Forest Management in Belete-Gera National Forest Priority Area, Ethiopia: Prospects and Challenges, MSc Thesis, Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany; 
  2. Dereje Bekele Jiru, Jemal Abafita, Kefelegn Getahun, Abrham Bantirgu, Ayalew Talema and Kitessa Hundera, 2010. Assessment of Biophysical Resource Management in selected Villages of Gilgel Gibe Catchment, Southwestern Ethiopia, In: Proceedings of National workshop on Challenges and Prospects of Integrated Watershed Management on People's Livelihood and Sustainability of Dams in Ethiopia (Jan 4-5, 2010, Jimma University, College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine). 

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Mobile:  +251 911 80 39 56 
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