Adugna Debela Bote

Name: Adugna  Debela Bote
Academic rank:  lecturer  Crop Physiology/Organic Agriculture
Field of Specialization: Crop physioogy. Organic crop Production, coffee and tea production and managements  

Research Interest:

List of Publications: 

  1. Adugna D. Bote and PC. StruikEffects of shade on growth, production and quality of coffee (Coffea arabica) in Ethiopia, Journal of Horticulture and Forestry. 2011; 3(11):336 - 341.
  2. Girma Kebede, Kassaye Tolessa and Adugna Debela. 2011. Evaluating tomato responses: A means of screening varieties to saline soil International Journal of Current Research Vol. 3, Issue, 11, pp.053-056,
  3. Adugna Debela, Garba Daba, Diriba Bane and Kassaye Tolessa.2011.Identification of major causes of postharvest losses among selected fruits in Jimma Zone for proffering veritable solutions International journal of current research. 2011; 3(11):34 – 40
  4. Kassaye Tolessa, Adugna Debela and Getahun Lemessa Evaluating seedling establishment of tomato (Lycoperscum esculentum Mill.) varieties as influenced by NaCl stress IJCAS. 2011; (accepted)
  5. Zerihun Kebebew, Weyessa Garedew and Adugna Debela. 2011. Understanding Homegarden in Household Food Security Strategy: Case Study Around Jimma, Southwestern Ethiopia Research Journal of Applied Sciences. 2011; 6(1):38 -43.
  6. Derbew Belew, Adugna Debela, Diriba Muleta and Sirawdink Fikreyesus. The farmer and her husband”: Engendering the curriculum in a Faculty of Agriculture in an Ethiopian university Agenda journal. 2010; 86:66 - 77.Claudia Mitchell.

Contact Address:
P.O.Box: 307
Jimma , Ethiopia
Office Tel:
Mobile:  0913-25-40-73

Email:Mail to Adugna @Yahoo or Mail to Adugna @JU