Befekadu Bulti

Name: Befekadu Bulti
Academic Rank  : 
Assistant Professor
Field of Specialization  :  Crop Protection
Research interest   :  Effect of parasitic flowering plants on yield of host crops


List of Publications: 

  1. Mulatu Wakjira, Gezahegn Berecha and Befekadu Bulti. 2011. Phytotoxic effect of multi-purpose tree species on germination and growth of Parthenium hysterophorusL. International Journal of Agricultural research, 6(2): 149-162
  2. Mulatu Wakjira, Gezahegn Berecha and Befekadu Bulti (2005). Allelopathic effects of Parthenium hysterophorus extracts on seed germination and seedling growth of lettuce. Tropical Science, 45(4): 159-162.
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    Jimma , Ethiopia
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