Gezahegn Berecha Yadessa

Name: Gezahegn Berecha Yadessa
Academic Rank  : 
Assistant professor
Field of Specialization  :  Organic Agriculture ( Pathology)
Research interest   : Conservation biology: Population and landscape genetics; Phytopathology; Molecular ecology; sustainable farming
List of Publications :


  1. Gezahegn Berecha, Fikre lemessa and Mulatu Wakjira. 2011. Exploring the suitability of coffee pulp compost as growth media substitute in green house production. International Journal of Agricultural research,  6(3): 255-267
  2. Raf Aerts, Kitessa Hundera, Gezahegn Berecha, Pieter Gijbels, Marieke Baeten, Maarten Van Mechelen, Martin Hermy, Bart Muys, Olivier Honnay. 2011. Semi-forest coffee cultivation and the conservation of Ethiopian Afromontane rainforest fragments. Forest Ecology and Management 261 :1034–1041
  3. M.Wakjira, D. Adugna and G. Berecha. 2011. Determining slice thickness of banana (Musa spp) for enclosed solar drying using solar cabinet dryer under Ethiopian condition. American Journal of food technology, 6(7): 568-580
  4. Mulatu Wakjira, Gezahegn Berecha and Befekadu Bulti. 2011. Phytotoxic effect of multi-purpose tree species on germination and growth of Parthenium hysterophorusL. International Journal of Agricultural research, 6(2): 149-162
  5. G.B. Yadessa, A.H.C. van Bruggen and F.L. Ocho. 2010. Effects of different soil amendments on bacterial wilt caused by Ralstonia solanacearum and on the Yield of Tomato. Journal of Plant Pathology: 92 (2), 429-440
  6. Mulatu Wakjira, Gezahegn Berecha and Solomon Tulu.2009. Allelopathic effects of an invasive alien weed Parthenium hysterophorus L. compost on lettuce germination and growth. African Journal of Agricultural Research  4 (11): 1325-1330
  7. Mulatu Wakjira, Gezahegn Berecha and Befekadu Bulti.2005. Allelopathic effects of Parthenium hystrophorus L. extracts on seed germination and seedling growth of lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.). Tropical science Journal, 45(4): 159-162.
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