MSc in Natural Resources Management

Minimum Admission Requirement

  • Regular Full Time

Applicants should possess an appropriate BSc degree in fields of Natural Resources Management, Plant Sciences, Forestry, Soil and Water Resources, Biology, and other related fields with CGPA of 2.00 and above. Students are also required to meet other requirements set by the University.

Duration of Study

  • Regular Fulltime =The program takes two academic years (four semesters), and may be extended to fully complete the requirements.

Course Category for MSc Program in Natural Resources Management

Course code Course title Cr.hrs
Common courses  
NRM 511 Landscape Ecology and Management
NRM 531 Rehabilitation and Restoration of Degraded land 2
NRM 541 Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in NRM 3
NRM 551 Research methodology and Biostatistics 3
NRM 512 Natural Resource Economics and policy 3
NRM 611 Current topics in Natural resources Management 1
NRM 621 MSC Research thesis 6
NRM 521 Climate change and Adaptation (Elective) 2
NRM 551 Environment and development (Elective) 2
Total 25
 Specialized Course- Waterished Management  
NWSM 512 Hydrological processes and Watershed Modeling 3
NWSM522 Integrated Watershed Management 3
NWSM 532 Land survey and evaluation 2
NWSM542 Integrated Water Resources management (Elective) 2
Total 10
Specialized Course- Forest and Natural Management
NFNM512 Forest Conservation and Management 3
NFNM 522 Protected Area Management and Ecotourism 3
NFNM532 Conservation Biology 2
NFNM552 Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecosystem Management (Elective) 2
NFNM542 Conflict Management and Resolution (Elective) 2
Total 10

How to Apply

Contact Address:
Department of Natural Resources Management
Phone: +251-471123170
Fax: +251-471110934
P.O.Box-307, Jimma, Ethiopia.