MSc program in Plant Pathology

Objective of the Program
The objectives of postgraduate training in Plant Pathology are to:

  • Produce well qualified and competent graduates having strong theoretical knowledge and practical skill in Plant Pathology for undertaking training, research, and extension/service
  • Generate base line data  technologies and knowledge in different fields of Plant Pathology that would help for plant disease management  of the community and the country through problem oriented and demand driven graduate thesis research work

Entry Requirement
The applicants for Master of Science in Plant Pathology are supposed to fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Need to have completed academic requirements for Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in Plant Sciences, Horticultural Sciences, Crop Sciences, Forestry, Biology or other related fields from an accredited higher learning institutions
  2. Must pass an entrance examination prepared by the college which will be based on the background of the candidate
  3. Must be supported by at least three letters of recommendation preferably from the applicant’s undergraduate instructors, employers and professional associations
  4. Produce letter indicating sponsorship for their research work or sign an agreement if self sponsored
  5. A student who is believed to be deficient in certain courses may be requested to take additional undergraduate courses.

Graduate Profile
Up on completion of the program the graduates are expected to acquire knowledge and practical skills required to:

  • Engage in teaching, research and community outreach activities in the field of Plant Pathology at various levels (private sectors, universities, NGOs, etc)
  • Work as professionals in farms, research institutes and other governmental and non-governmental organizations
  • Advise decision makers in formulating agricultural policies of the country
  • Generate appropriate technologies of plant disease management through research 
  • Analyze the existing knowledge of farmers on disease management
  •  Identify plant diseases and come up with appropriate methods of management
  • Promote the principles of integrated disease management

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