College Administration

The College has different administrative units. Departments are primarily responsible for teaching learning and research activities related to their disciplines. The College has a number of coordinating offices (Teams) including the offices of: Administrative Team, Research and Postgraduate, Students’ Affairs, Academic Quality Assurance, CBE and Partnership Management, and Continuing and Distance Education.

Administrative matters are primarily handled by the Administrative Team (accountable to the Administrative Team Leader) in collaboration with the Dean. The College Administrative team is primarily responsible for developing and implementing strategic and operational plans with regard to human resource management, personnel administration, procurement and financial matters, engineering and property administration, and creating an attractive work environment in the College. Thus far, the Team has rendered efficient and effective administrative service for the College community and external customers.  Currently, there are about 60 administrative staff members serving in different posts.

The Department Heads, Office Coordinators and Administrative Team Leader, staff and students representative are all members of the Academic Commission, which is accountable to the Dean. The Commission meets at least once a month to deliberate and make decisions on issues pertaining to academics and partly administrative issues. Smooth working relations between the academic, administrative and support staff of the College have provided an ideal environment for hard work and academic achievement with a sense of belonging.

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College Administrative Team Leader, Shewaye Chaka
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