Community Based Education (CBE) & Partnership

1.      The What of Community Based Education and Partnership

Community Based Education and partnership (CBE) is one of the coordinating offices in College of Social Sciences of Jimma University that predominantly works in linking the university/college with the community. It is the philosophy of the university which is a means of achieving educational relevance   to the community needs. It also impalements a community oriented educational program that consists of learning activities that uses the community extensively as a learning environment, in which not only students but also teachers, members of the community and representatives of other sectors and stakeholders are actively involved throughout the educational experience. To this end, the core philosophy of the university encompasses:

  • Community based and problem oriented education
  • Multi-disciplinary training research
  • Integrated training and research

2.      Objectives of CBE

The objective of Community Based Education of college of Social Sciences is to:

  • train professional of the college in diverse field of studies
  • to encourage a team approach to solve  social, language, cultural –in general human, environmental and Social problems
  • work with local community with earnest  commitment
  • undertake problems based research activities taking into consideration the priority needs of the community

3.      Strategies of CBE of College of Social Sciences & Humanities

The strategy of CBE of college of social sciences stems from the strategy of the university (Jimma University). The CBE of college of social science operates having three strategies which are expected to take 20% of time allotted for the overall curricula. The strategies  include:

  1. Community Based Education Program (CBTP)
  2. Development Team Training  Program (DTTP)
  3. Community Based Student’s Research Program (SRP)

Though it is young as compared to other college such as college of Public Health and Medical Sciences, which have gone a head in CBE, there are commendable activities performed by our college. Below are some activities performed by students.

  1. Postgraduate students of Psychology department went for their DTTP field work in Jimma Correctional and Rehabilitation Center and solved some of the problems of the community. What is more, one office is given from the centre where students studying counseling practice and also give counseling for the prisoners.
  2. A museum established in Jimma University which serves as resource center for Oromo Folklore studies and history and heritage management students. Verities of art facts are being collected from the community and are planned to be collected by history and folklore students.
  3. Postgraduate students of Law School, English Language and Literature and Governance and Development Studies students identified the problem of a community of groups who have hearing impairment and solved some of their problem. On the date of the symposium of the implementations made The office facilitated a link where Sociology department goes on working with that community in sustainably working with them.

The college CBE, though young of its age, has made remarkable progresses in training, research and service provisions to the community.

Contact Address:

College of Social Sciences & Humanities
Community Based Education and Partnership Office
Contact Person:  Teshome Egere (PhD)
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                       Tel: 0911772394