Name: Dr. Tadesse Getahun 
Academic rank:Assistant Professor, PhD
Field of Specialization: Environmental Technology 
Research interest: Solid waste management
Present Post:Head,Departement of Enviromental Health Sceince and Technology
List of publications:
1. Haddis A., Getahun T., Mengistie E., Jemal A. Smets I., & t Van der Bruggen B.  Challenges to surface water quality in mid-sized African cities: conclusions from Awetu-Kito Rivers in Jimma, south-west Ethiopia. Water and Environment Journal. doi:10.1111/wej.12021, Print ISSN 1747-6585. 

2. Getahun T., Getahun, T., Nigusie, A., Entele, T., Van Gerven, T., Van der Bruggen, B. (2012). Effect of turning frequencies on composting biodegradable municipal solid waste quality. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 65, 79-84.

3. Getahun T., Mengistie E, Haddis A, Wasie F, Alemayehu E, Dadi D, Van Gerven T, Van der Bruggen B. (2012). Municipal solid waste generation in growing urban areas in Africa: current practices and relation to socioeconomic factors in Jimma, Ethiopia.   Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 184(10), 6337–6345.

4. Tadesse Getahun, Embialle Mengistie, Alemayehu Haddis, Fantahun Wassie, Taffere Addis, Esayas Alemayehu1, Dessalegn Dadi1, Tom Van Gerven, Bart Van der Bruggen. Current Production and Practices of Municipal Solid Waste in Growing Urban Areas in East Africa was published in Proceedings of the WasteSafe 2011 – 2nd International Conference in Solid Waste Management in the Developing Countries.13-15 February 2011, Khulna, Bangladesh. ISBN: 978-984-33-2705-5, pp. 78 (1-10).

5. Tadesse G., Solomon G.S., Assessment of the bacteriological quality of milk at dairy farms and individual breeders in Jimma town, Southwest Ethiopia.  Ethiop J Health Sci. 2003; 13: 21 – 29.

6. Getahun T.; Gebrehiwot M.; Ambelu A.; Van Gerven T.; Van der Bruggen B.The potential of energy production from municipal solid waste in a tropical climate was submitted to a journal  for publication. 

7. Still there are more papers under preparation for submission to a journal for publication.
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