Departement Administration

Name:Nezif Hussien Dekama
Academic Rank:Lecturer
Field of Specialization:Clinical Pharmacy
Position: Departement Head
Research Interest:  
1.    Mother to Child transmission of HIV
2.    Self Medication
3.    Management of Chronic illness (Diabetes, Hypertension, and Epilepsy)
4.    Pharmacotherapy of infectious disease
5.    Rational Use of antibiotics
6.    Medication errors
7.    Drug related problems
8.    Drug Use evaluation  and
9.     TB/HIV co- infection
List of publications:   
1.    Nezif Hussien, Seid Musa, Andy Stergachis, Nasir Tajure Wabe and Sultan Suleman., Drug Information: Prescribers' Need for and Access to Drug Information Resources in Ethiopia. Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science. 2013: 47(2) 47: 219
2.    Gemechu Feyera Tolera , Nasir Tajure Wabe , Mulugeta Tarekagn Angamo , Sultan Suleman Wega, Nezif Hussein Dekama , Sadikalmahdi Hussen Abdella, Mohammed Adem Mohammed , Alima Hassen Ali . Attitude of modern medical practitioners towards the integration of modern and traditional medical practices in Ethiopia,  Spatula DD.2011:1(4):199 205
3.     Abdi Befekadu, Nezif Hussien Dhekama, Mohammed Adem.   Self-medication and Contributing Factors among Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Care in Ethiopia: The Case of Jimma University Specialized Hospital. Online publication   doi: 10.5455/medscience. 2013.02.8098
4.    Nasir Tajure Wabe, Nezif Hussien Dekama and Desta Hiko Gemeda., Lipodystrophy Is Common Among Ethiopian Patients on Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy but Is Not Associated With Quality of Life or Medication Adherence. Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science. 2013: 47(6) 706 - 714
5.    Jemal Hussien, Kaba Urgessa, Fayissa Regassa, Awol Jemal, Sultan Abajebel ,  Nezif Hussien. Antihelmentic effects of the essential oil extracts of selected medicinal plants against Haemonchus contortus.Int.J.Agric.Res.,6(3):290-298,2011.
6.    Hiwot Getachew, Nezif H Dekema, Sofia S Awol, Alinur Adem Abdi, Mohammed Adem Mohammed.,   Medication adherence in epilepsy and potential risk factors associated with non adherence in tertiary care teaching hospital in southwest Ethiopia :  Gaziantep Med J 2014;20(1): 0-0
Contact address
P.O.Box: 378  Jimma , Ethiopia   or  5063 Jimma ,Ethiopia 
Office Tel:+251- 471111979
Fax:+251-471-114 484
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