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Programs in Physics

Course Teams and Leaders

The department organized course teams preferably research groups.  People in the department are carrying out different researches and undertaking postgraduate and undergraduate advisees in their areas of specializations. People in similar specializations conducting joint researches. This enables the department to organize four course teams with their corresponding team leaders. The team leaders of the department are accountable to the head of the department.

Physic course teams
Course team leaders
Astrophysics and Space Physics Team
Mr. Tolu Biressa
Condensed Matter Physics and Optics Team
Dr. Menberu Mengesha
Quantum Mechanics and Nuclear Physics Team
Dr. Solomon Getahun
Experimental Physics Team
Mr. Gemechu Muleta



The department runs both undergraduate programs in regular as well as summer in-services and postgraduate program. The department runs postgraduate programs in:

  • Astrophysics
  • Condensed Matter Physics
  • Quantum Optics
  • Nuclear Physics

 Objectives of the Programs

  • Offer appropriate courses that can satisfy the need of physics professionals in the country.
  • Use new technological tools to bring active learning and facilitate the transformation from the traditional teacher centered to student centered and in the process implementing continuous assessment methods.
  • Organize and update physics laboratories with modern facilities that can create conducive environment for teaching as well as research.
  • Improve professional competency of physics teachers in the country.

Entry Requirements

To be admitted to B.Sc program in regular physics study, a candidate should satisfy the general admission requirements of the university and must have at least pass grade in physics and mathematics in the college entrance examination. On the other hand, one can pursue B.Sc. In-service program provided that he/she at least should have diploma in physics and related fields.

To be admitted for MSc in Physics, a candidate should have BSc in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Electrical Engineering as well as the candidate should pass the department entrance examination. The candidate should also qualify the general requirements of the University.

Graduate Profile

The Physics graduates are expected to acquire problem solving and abstract thinking skills. This makes Physics graduates very desirable employees in a wide variety of areas.  Fundamental skills as well as training in practical subjects such as optics, lasers, computer interfacing, image processing, geophysical and space exploration, weather forecasting and electronics also make them very desirable employees in high tech companies, industries and research centers.


Undergraduate Program